how would i connect 2 "3 conductor " hums to a dpdt on/on/on mini switch to function like this

1 neck
2 both
3 bridge

there are 6 lugs on the back of the switch i have seen some schematics of how they operate but i still dont get which lug would be the output or which the ground
i've never heard of 3 conductor pups

are they cheapish stock ones or duncans or swinesheads or somethin?
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Actually they are PRS dragon II's , It says 3 conductor cable in the color code chart
that came with the pups
Diagram says:

Bass pickup= white (hot) REd (coil tap) black (ground) and shield to ground

treble pickup= Black (hot) Red (coil tap) white ( ground) shield to ground

why do the bass and treble have different color Hot leads??
weird pickups.

anyway, i dont have a pic on hand, so imagine the top left lug as 1, top right as 2, middle left as 3, etc, down to bottom right as 6.

connect the neck hot to 5 and the neck ground to 6

connect the bridge hot to 1 and the bridge ground to 2

connect the hot out (to pots and jack) to 3 and ground to 4

the switch is a lever, so what is one direction, actually activates the lugs on the other side.

if it doesnt make sense i can work on a picture.
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DPDT switches aren't on/on/on. They're just on/on. You want a DP3T on/on/on.

you can get them like that

picture the switch like this


solder 4 to jack tip, 3 to jack sleeve

1 is bridge ground, 2 is bridge hot

5 is neck ground, 6 is neck hot

do you want to use the coil splits?
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1 2
3 4
5 6

First pickup output to 2. Second pickup output to 5.
3 and 4 to volume/jack or whatever.
These go to eleven...