Just saw this and i was thinking about trying one out. Anyone played or owned one And if so how are they?
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I played one. The controls on the upper horn have barely any effect on your tone. It was a well made bass; it sounded a lot like a jazz, but had way more versatility. IMO there were too many controls. Oh, also the pickups buzz like crazy.
I've played one.

the neck was really sticky. the sound was nice, but to change your tone you had to memorize more knobs and switches than necessary. I liked the look a lot, but it seems like it just wasn't worth the feel. what's sad is if it wasn't for that finish on the neck, it probably would have felt really nice. it had good balance, was neither too heavy nor too light, and was quite clear and j-bassy. it was alder bodied, and would have been nicer with ash, but hey. that's just personal preference.

my big problem was the neck finish, but there might have just been an idiot on inspection duty that day, and the thing was just a fluke, a rarity. but it was super sticky.

If others felt this major stickiness, I don't recommend. otherwise, go for it!
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I think they might be good, cause of the small neck. Def'n gonna try it out if i see one, but i doubt that ill see one around here.
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they make them in more colours now! Olympic white and sunburst! they are soo sexy

Cool! But still no 50's and 60's colours!

Again, only pickup on/off switches, which may be a dealbreaker. There's a versatile parallel/series active/passive electronics system with cut-only controls, but they're quite quirky/confusing. However, these things make it more than a "Jazz bass with a different body."
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It seems to be an instrument for more of an experimental bassist if you see what I mean. Thats why I want one anyway
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