Whats the best acoustic guitar for John Mayer/Eric Clapton type stuff. I was thinking a Martin Dm or some kind of Taylor. I don't want it anymore than 700$. Thanks!
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Taylor and Martin are both good. I say play one of each and pick the one that plays best.
at $700, the only guitar that you should even consider at all from Martin or Taylor is the 15 series Martin. Taylor's at that price range arent great for the money. neither are the cheapo martins with the HPL sides and back.
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Mayer and Clapton usually play Martin OM body acoustics from what I've seen. And I agree with captivate that there most Martins and Taylors in that range aren't great value for the money.

You might be able to find a used 000-15. Also check out blueridge guitars. They are modeled after Martins, made of all solid wood, and also more attractively priced.
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Johnson Carolina JO-27. I have one, and Mayer is my favorite artist, and it sounds very very similar. It has the same tone woods as Mayer's sig, Indian Rosewood & Spruce, and the same shape as both the Clapton and the Mayer sig.

http://www.instrumentpro.com/P-JOHCJO27.html $599.

Sounds incredible, all solid, great durability.

And no I am not being paid by Johnson, I am just in love with that guitar.