Finally i recorded it!

like i said in the comments, its still sloppy in some areas, some bends are flat, and the tapping parts isnt exactly the same, but i think its still pretty good.

Tell how it sounds, how is my tone? it sounds great in person, but the old mic i was using (rock band mic) only got the high-end

now im using a Blue Snowball mic, which really captures the tone imo.
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Very nice. Yeah, some parts were off a bit, but nothing that can't be worked out with some practice. That is a tough song to get right. Your tone was good though. Keep up the good work.

How long you play for? I've been going for 2 years.

Check my stuff out. I think you'll like it! I have all Satch's gear. (Love Thing was recorded with my old amp though
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plz post the comments on the actual youtube page too. Thanks.