Well leave it to me to completely mess up restringing my new strat. I just picked up a Highway One a few days ago (only had Les Pauls before). I put on a set of GHS Boomers .10's. When I tune the guitar, the bridge where the trem arm screws in is now lifted about half an inch off of the guitar. It's slanted up from where the bridge screws in.

I'm just wondering how I can fix this, I know it isn't right. Any help?
It's pretty high, the trem arm is uncomfortably close to the strings. How would I make it flatter?

Thanks for the help, like I said im definitely new to stringing a strat.
loosen the strings a little bit and tighten the screws behind the back plate of the guitar that hold the trem plat towards the neck. this will bring the bridge plate down, eventually level with the guitar. Careful, if you do this too much it WILL strip the screws, which is nasty to fix.