I just picked up the guitar after having played the violin for over 12 years. I played through grade school and like every other violin player, I would pluck tunes with my thumb when I wasn't really practicing or playing. Now I don't feel comfortable playing my guitar with a flatpick and usually strum chords with my thumb. The only problem is that the sound isn't as loud or as bright as I would like. I looked up thumbpicks, but I couldn't find out whether or not people actually use them is place of a pick and not just for finger picking. If anyone could let me know the pros and cons of replacing a flatpick for a thumbpick, please let me know! I'm learning on a gretsch hollowbody and am trying to learn blues/rock.
i've been using a thumbpick for guitar a lot lately. for me its not the best thing because i'm so use to using a flat pick. but i think that whatever you feel is more comfortable do it
Hey, i think most people when they just "pick up a guitar" without knowing how to play one strums with their thumb... it's the natural thing to do, but it is not the best. In fact, it's actually a pretty bad thing. Here are my reasons: you are going to be limited in strum patterns, you will only be able to do downstrokes, you can forget about alternate picking in general, speed will be severely hindered, ect.....

I strongly suggest you start using a flat pick and as time goes by it will become more natural.. make sure you are holding it right. It's like a violin bow, how you have to hold it a certain way that is uncomfortable at first... you have to just get used to it. If you only use your thumb, you will never unlock your full potential
I just have a long thumbnail because I play everything fingerstyle, so thats an option
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