Has anybody ever ordered t-shirts from www.shirtcrazy.com? It's the only place I've found, other then the CoB website, that has shirts in my size; I'd order from the CoB website itself, but its all in euros and based in finland. Is this site legit? Will they actually send me shirts, or will my identity be thefted if I order from there?
not sure...send them all your money to see
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They might just be some independently run place, working from home or something. I know the site doesn't look impressive, but it seems okay.. why not use paypal? You're covered that way.
umm im not trying to be nosy about exactly what size you are, but i checked them out, and it seems like they have about the same sizes as all the other t shirt websites. rockabilia is a good one if you dont trust these shirtcrazy people
yeah it's a legitimate site.
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