No but I notice that I stop breathing sometimes when I'm playing lol.
Only if I'm playing the crushing overdrive on a MG. But seriously, yeah, sometimes, mostly on stage if anything.

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It depends if it's hot in the room and if I'm playing something intense, then I start.

My palms usually sweat easily though, even if I just put them in my pockets sometimes.
Yeah, but i play in the basement. With no air conditioning. No AC in summer in atlanta. it was like 96 today.
My palms usually sweat easily though, even if I just put them in my pockets sometimes.

rub a little antiperspirant on ur hands. buy a small stick just for hands.

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I sweat a bunch when I play but I never notice it until when I put my guitar down and realize my shirt is drenched with sweat.
I think I've read somewhere that the guitar virtuoso, George Bellas, said that when you practice you have to really sweat! As for me, as I get more and more intense when I practice/play, I do sweat, sometimes, to the point where I look like I have just taken another bath! Haha!
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Only if I'm jumping around on stage, which I usually am. Can't say that I stop breathing tho.
I do that a lot........mainly because my room is like 95 degrees farenheit all day long.......

But I do stop breathing once in a while......scary **** that is.....

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That's pretty weird, sometimes I notice that I stopped breathing too and have to take a deep breath in.. trips me out
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I've got AC in my room, therefor I almost never sweat. Do only good players sweat, because I never do....
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my palms do and it decrease my abilty like cuts it in half, and im not amazing to begin with
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If I'm playing something fast, then my fingers (yes, fingers first) start sweating.

I also will occassionally stop breathing while playing something intense like a few others have mentioned.
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