My old switch in my Samick Strat was going, so I bought a new one. Thing is though, the new Fender one is heaps different than the old switch. My guitar is HSS, so I need a diagram to help me wire it.


EDIT: Guitar has 1 vol and 2 tone pots.
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Thanks for the diagram. My humbucker only has 2 wires coming out of it, is that diagram for an active humbucker or something?

Also, new switch:

Old switch:

(Simular to that, only connections are on the front of the switch. If I had a camera, I'd take a picture).
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I'm not sure about that particular diagram - possibly coil tap? Someone more intelligent probably knows, but I think that diagram still works because you'll notice the red and grey are taped off and don't interfere with the rest of the wiring. You should be able to use it still, but I suppose you might wait for someone more experienced.
Thanks for your help.

Also, I think the capacitor is faulty (between tone pot and ground), because recently I noticed that even on the neck pickup - which used to be smooth and warm - everything is ultra-trebly. I can get closer to the original sound by turning both tone pots down.

I've got no idea how to read cap codes though, and the one on the guitar says "2A473K." on it, and I've found a slightly larger in size one lying around that says "2A104J"... could that be used? Probably not, but hopefully someone around might know that it's a .21 cap, and would be fine or something.

Also, that diagram seems the same as my guitars wiring, because it's all the same around the tone pots. It gets different when things get to the volume pot and the switch though.
Don't think so... one of these:

Four on one side, four on the other. I'm drawing up a wiring diagram of my old wiring, hopefully that can help a few people.
Alright, this took ages... Hopefully this can help people to help me.

EDIT: I think I get it now - the exposed wire is simply the grounding wire. Can anyone confirm this?
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Ahh, I get it now

That's where I was getting mixed up, thanks

EDIT: Onto my next question haha, any ideas on the capacitor question, could that be the reason why it was sounding really trebly? It makes sense to me...
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