ok, so i left my installtion disk at my friends house. and i need to install it onto the computer i'm on now, because it has internet compared to the one in my room. i need Gearbox on this computer so i can buy a Model Pack. is there anywhere i can download Gearbox for free? because my friend's in Georgia and he'll be there for a little.

ok second question. i understand that Gearbox is a modeling software and with modeling stuff, it doesn't really matter what guitar you have. When i play through my amp, i don't really like the sound i'm getting, and i'm blaming it on my pickups, because i can't really blame it on anything else. the B string is all muddy and the rest isn't exactly glorious either. so since i'm getting the Metal Shop, to expand my metal inventory. i was thinking, will the new pickups help that much? i'm kind of on a tight budget. i am going to get new pickups soon when i have the money, but i don't. can i just tweak my EQ and stuff and make it sound good. because i'm only using my Toneport to record stuff anyway.

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