I SEARCHbar'd so go blwo dogs for quarters if you mention the search bar

Okay i dropped my ipod today. had it for a week, even bought it a nice little led zeppelin face sticker for it. One day after a quick ritual smoke ^_- i get up the stairs and BAM HEADSHOT. Ipod falls out eats wooden flood head on. So far I've let it charge reset it, restored it and everything and its still being a little butt head. all I can do is listen to the doors.

HALP.. plz ^^
It has a year warranty, just return it and get a new one.

Is it really that hard to read the instructions for a warranty? I feel like I'm the only one
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I tried to make a visual display of what your describing just to help you out!

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Having a device that plays music work incorrectly is like having my sack twisted around and kept that way for the whole day. It just doesn't feel right.. AT ALL

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official ipod question thread?
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