Don't some of you guys today think that there's a lot more better Modern Rock music outside the U.S.

Although bands like Pennywise, Daughtry, Velvet Revolver, and other cool sounding bands are here in the U.S. I think there's more outside.

Like in Europe, New Zealand, South East Asia, and Australia.
There's good music everywhere and there's bad music everywhere. I can name a bunch of US bands I love, and then I can name a lot that I don't like. Same goes for Canadian bands, Australian, UK, etc... I wouldn't say music outside the US is "better" but there certainly is plenty of good stuff out there.
well since you had daughtry as an official us music representative i do say there is better music not form here
Wolfmother is Australian...and so is Silverchair (I think).

You're using our two worst bands as an example of better music from Australia?
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we'll throw in King Adora just for hoots too
Haha King Adora were awesome...haven't listened to them in years
American music does not suck howevers!!!!!!! theres some good stuff from the UK and Australia

USA- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Aus.- Wolfmother

if i were to pick representatives i think those would be the best
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