anyone have any idea what kind of guitar(s) is used on norwiegan wood, michelle, and girl? i really like that sound. i mean the rhythm guitar on norweigan wood, not the sitar btw.

any help appreaciated
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I'm a pretty big beatles fan and a few weeks ago I saw an amazing cover band. They really did sound almost exactly like them from the singing to the guitar playing. All they used, both electrically and acoustically, were epiphones.
nope that crappy epiphone aint got squat on the beatles sound(unless your gana get a texan) what your looking for is a D-28 thats what they used on the white Album and when they went to India, im pretty sure John used it in Working Class Hero. Also the gibson-J200 is known baisicly as the beatles guitar.
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A fair bit of their acoustic stuff was (I think) balanced tracks using the same sort of guitar as the Epiphone you posted: a blend of the acoustic and the electric produced by that guitar.

If nothing else, they made good use of that guitar in pretty much all their earlier stuff.
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