Today we played a pretty big gig, nothing HUGE but somewhat big. We played then we left for a bit and came back, and this hardcore band was playing and we thought it would be fun to mosh. Some kids were hardcore dancing or some **** (flailing arms and legs), and I'm pretty sure one of them kicked or punched my hand. I looked at it and my finger was swelling up horribly. I went to the doctors today and I have broken my finger (left index) at the base and it will take 6-8 weeks of physical therapy and other **** before I'm fully recovered. Being a right handed player I cannot do anything with the guitar. Oh, Pit... I'm so ****ing pissed. The guitar is my life and I've just gotten out of school. No guitar this summer. What should I do for the time being? Beat the **** out of those gay straight-edge ****s? Thank you for your time.
Suck it up
Open tune guitar
Place slide on left ring/pinky
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3-finger + thumb pick? just get the gimp outta the way and you can start going el classico!
i broke a finger the first day of summer two years ago, even though it wasnt the best idea, I kept playing and when I had to stop wearing the medical tape and stuff, I could play better than ever, my hand felt a lot stronger and stuff. It depends on the person though I guess
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Cry. That's what I'd do.
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Cut it off and show off to all your friends, I mean, Jerry never complained.

also you could try and use hammer ons and pull offs with your right hand. I think that will help you with tapping solos and crap like that.
Maybe it'll be like Rookie Of the Year and you'll be able to do epic hammers or vibratos?

but in the mean time... go out side i guess.. or practice techniques with your picking hand?

Or fap. Furiously.
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+1 That really sucks though man I feel so damn bad for you, damn hardcore kids, they always look so damn gay doing all of that dumb crap.
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i tore my acl in my right knee the first week of last summer and had to have surgery and couldnt walk that whole summer. sucked a big one. i know what it is like though. i cut my finger pretty bad one time and couldnt play for a few days and i was going NUTS!!!! you will figure something out. good luck
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