before going on an amusement park?

besides bread, crackers, etc...
just any food to keep me from getting sick on rollercoasters
I've never heard of food helping motion sickness?
If your really worried I guess I'd recommend not eating *coughanorexiacough*

If you're trying to settle your stomach, as most people do with crackers or bread, you could try ginger ale or 7-Up.
Bagel Bites
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krispie kremes
youll feel like crap for the rest of the day
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Toast, it actually helps if you're prone to motion sickness.

/real response
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just take some dramamine
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dude, just take some alka-seltzer with you. that stuff is a miracle drug. it may taste like some kinda drink they would give you in hell but thats just part of the healin process
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