When I go to get my hair cut, I find that there is usually an awkward silence between me and my hairdresser. I mean, I make some small talk, and so does she, but that's about it. Do you talk to your hairdressers, or is that awkward silence there?
No, he/she will usually talk to me and we'll end up having a good conversation.
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I talk to her, when she's not pushing her breasts in my face.
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yea, I know what you mean...I'm honestly a rather social person. It's just whenever I go to get a haircut there is still an awkward silence between us.

It must be me though, because I have seen the same hairdressers have full conversations with my parents and siblings during a haircut, just not me. I don't really know why.
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Well what the hell are you gonna talk to a hairdresser about?
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Yeah I totally know what you mean, I always feel pretty awkward when the convo boils down to "graduating this year?" "yep..." and then a tumbleweed rolls by.
Last time I had a haircut (loooooooong time ago) I ended up discovering that he (my hairdresser) was a guitar player too. We had a pretty good conversation about that.
I never go to hairdressers tbh, so yeah. But I've never seen them in a conversation when I've been in there with other people.
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I hate small talk.
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I'm generally **** at small talk. But I probably have the world’s hottest hair dresser, who consonantly presses her breasts against my face. So that makes the awkward silence worth it.
my aunt does my hair, so usually my cousin will be there in the shop when i get my hair done, so we all talk, and they're family, so it's not awkward. plus it's free. yay.
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yes! i hate when people get that wrong.
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Well what the hell are you gonna talk to a hairdresser about?
"Yeah so this no0b got pwnt on UG today..."