This is a song, but you will see no rhythm in this writing of it. So you can read it like a poem if you wish.

Your daughter left for space/
As you bit your lip/
And ripped off your flesh/
You watched her fall bit by bit/
Bit by bit/

In your life there are complications/
And a bottle of wine/
And some stranger at your window/
With a Polaroid camera/
He is crying/
Oh he's crying out to all the homeless boys/
With no girl to call their own/
With no plastic toys to throw into the creek/
And no lightning to strike them down/

And every night your husband/
Tucks you into bed/
And says he loves you/
And he flips over/
You watch his green back/
Play some old time picture in the rain/
Your ashtray, it is glowing so bright/
It keeps you up at night/

Your children, they dream of a golden sea/
And some boat down by a waterfall/
That will carry them away/
To the depths of outer space/
As you watch them bit by bit

Tell me what you think.