in the tab for "dead and bloated" by STP theres slides in there. the problem is i cant figure out how to do slides i cant make the sound stretch through the whole sliding motion. Can anyone who knows help me out.
slide faster, basically
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I believe Haggard hit the nail on the head, slide faster and keep the speed consistant.
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i just read u cant press real hard on fret and when i do press hard it kills the sound as soon as i slide im so ****in lost. i just started playing like 6 months ago
Keep the same applied pressure that gives the note a clean sound and set your eye on the fret you aim to slide to. Depending on how far the slide is and the beat of the song, execute your slide (usually at a fast rate).
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From what Im getting out of this, your pressing down the strings with the slide when you play. DONT. The slight should be just barely touching the strings; not even enough to push them down close to the fretboard. If the strings are touching frets, thats why your having problems.
I just started playing about 2 months ago and when I first started I couldn't slide two frets. Now I can slide all over the place, keep at it and before you even know it you will have it down.