ok I know you guys are all thinking 'what a noob, guitar hero' but I'm looking for a book with a lot of songs that I recognize and that have solos. I've gotten to the point where if I get tabs w/o solos, I can learn a couple songs in an hour. I'm just looking for a challenge. So do you think this would be good?
if you like a lot of songs from guitar hero, i say go for it.
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It seems to me that a lot of the songs from the GH series are in the Guitar Tab White Pages. It's kind of irrelevant nowadays to get the actual books (especially when they're like $30), but that would be a good place to start.
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I think guitar center sells a tab book with GH songs in it... and hey if thats the music you like. To be honest, guitar hero kinda helped me decide to learn real guitar. By playing that game I realized it would be much more rewarding to learn the actual thing. So thats what I did. The new one sucks tho. 2 was awesome, despite the terrible covers.