i didn't look for a thread like this, i apologies.

i would like to learn 2 jazz songs that are impressive that either i can eaisly learn by ear, have sheet music, or tab, that are somewhat well known. And i come to you for help.

thank you
look for a thread like this and you'll find your answer
do you mean the "start me off on some jazz" thread? If not i'll search more but if so, then thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Look in the Blues and Jazz artists thread stickied at the top of the forum, under guitar, and then listen to some of the songs on youtube to decide which songs you want to do.
i chose

Kenny Burrell - Soul Lament
Django Reinhardt - Echoes of Spain

do you think those are two decent jazz pieces, i know Lament is some what bluesy, and Spain sounds somewhat spanish, but do you think those are acceptable? I like them a lot.