should i get a prs standard 22 or bite the bullet, be a man and pay the cash for the custom 22???

actually, i was wondering what the "major" differences are between the two.

right now all i have is an acoustic guitar, i moved 3000km away from home so i only brought that. i play most types of music besides country i guess. ive been playing for 8 years now so i was thinking maybe i should invest in a "great" guitar

maybe this is in the wrong spot or maybe this is useless... but anyway... help would be appreciated.

EDIT: i need a decent amp too i guess... maybe a fender tube amp or something. i don't know... i basically need a new rig
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I have no idea what the difference is, but I like the Custom more. Feels better. Even though i dont really like Singlecuts ._. ....

for an amp....I say maybe a Fender Blues Jr.? Small Marshall maybe? (NOT an MG) depends on what you play the most.
The Custom is awesome, I know someone who has a PRS Santana Custom II (Or something like that) and its amazing, Although the standards are good still, buy hey, PRS Just rock!
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Wait, by standard, do you mean the SE series?
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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i got a custom 22 recently and its by far the best guitar ive ever played, let alone owned

the main differences from the standard are the maple top on mahogany on the custom rather than all maple on the standard, and the custom has gloss finish rather than the satin nitro on the standard
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The differences between the CE22 and CU22 are as follows.

CE22 has a bolt on hard rock maple neck and the CU22 is a set mahogany neck.

The CE22 has a satin headstock finish while the CU22 has a gloss finish

Also the maple tops on the CU22 are of a higher aesthetic standard. The CE22s can have upto 30% of lifless grain while the CU22 can only have upto 10% lifless grain.

Other than that the guitars feature identical neck dimension options andhardware/electronics.

They do sound different due to the neck with the CE22 sounding that bit brighter with more high mids.

Also both guitars are mahogany body with a maple cap contrary to the post aboves info.
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Dude, hes talking about the Standard 22 and the Custom 22, not the CE22. The only difference between the two is that the Custom has a maple top and you can get more options with it, such as the Artist Package. THATS ALL.
The ce 22 is the "standard" version of the custom 22 in the same style. the se series is the student edition, and are much more cheaply made overseas. The SE series is the equivilent to epiphone vs gibson or squire vs fender. the SE is higher quality than epiphone or squire.
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