Im looking into possibly getting an new electric guitar... currently I have a Fender Squier Strat but I want to get something of more high quality like at Stratocaster level that I can use for performances and what-not. What are some good electric guitars for that around $400? I like to play classic rock type stuff... 60s-70s.
At 400 bucks I like the Fat Strat MIM...but I would always reccomend a new amp before a new guitar.
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How are the Epiphone Les Pauls for 400 bucks? Are they any good? Or any of the ones by Ibanez or Gibson?

The amp I have is a Crate amp, its just a practice one so its not that big, but when I go to this church to play they have a whole sound system that I plug into. Im not really performing that much but I just want to get something that would be a good guitar for performances in the near future...like if any of the bands with my friends work out.
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