I just built a byoc fuzz and i was wondering if you guys have any ideas of how to paint them? Im going to get an actual paint kit but i dont know what design to use. If any one has an pictures or plans, please post them.

For those of you who dont know, they are build your own clone kits and they look like this:
I'd just draw a nose on it.
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orrr tie dye camo mixed?
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welll i wantd to incorporate the led into it. like a eye or something you know? Any pics?
I paint all of my BYOC in the same general color as the pedal they're cloning but with a crazy twist and blacklight responsive clear coat (and a UV led of course to set off the clear coat). I really wish I had a working camera to put up picks of my latest build-sg1 clone. it turns from black witha bit of gold glitter, to pure white (not purple) under blacklight.

My stuff is a little over the top, but putting a fun new twist on the expected pedal color is a pretty good idea- ie glitter or metalic paint, pin stripping, etc.

... do you actually want to paint a picture on it? Most people that have an image on the pedal just print of decals, place them over a solid color of paint, and then clear coat the whole thing. That's probably a better option for you if you're going to get really detailed.
I think there's a thread or two on the BYOC forums where people show off their paint schemes. Maybe have a look there for some inspiration.
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