I just saw this movie recently and thought it was disturbing but an excelent movie. It has beautiful visuals, a great script and the acting was amazing. Parts of the movie are quite dark and violent though. The fight scene in the ally though is one of my favorite fight scenes ever.

I am definetly going to check out Park Chan-wook's other movies!
Brilliant film. I strongly suggest seeking out the rest of the vengeance trilogy.
"If a body catch a body comin' through the rye."
can someone summarize it for me, I feel like I've heard of it but I'm not sure
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ya next on my list to see is sympathy for mr vengance, i heard it was quite a bit different than oldboy though
I've had Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance from Netflix for about 3 weeks now... but haven't gotten around to watching it. I liked Oldboy a LOT, though. I LOVED the soundtrack. The ending was weird, just because of the way the main character was acting... but the movie makes sense and is great.