I've had my crappy starter bass for a few months now and I anticipate in a few more, I'll want a new bass.

So I've been looking around for a bass to put aside and pay off, but I've encountered a crossroads that I hope you guys can help me with.

I'm tossing up between the Squier VM Jazz ($700AUD) or the Ibanez SRX350 ($799AUD). I heard the VM was very versatile and when played, it felt comfortable. But the SRX felt 'meatier', very loud and low, and I found myself falling in love with every note.

My main concern is that with the SRX I wont be able to branch out to other genres apart from rock/metal. Would it be suitable for jazz/funk?

I still have my 40 watt practice amp, but I'll use my tax return to buy a new one by the time I get a new bass.

Any opinions given will be considered.
ive heard nothing but good things about the VM jazz, id go with that. its more versatile than the ibanez.
personally id go with the squire, they sound good and have a good feel. Also theyre versatile enough to branch out, just playing some things you normally wouldnt will help you advance in your playing wayyyy faster. Thats what makes strong players, helps you think outside of the box you know.
Yeah, I'm leaning towards the VM. As jgodin333 said, I've asked around and haven't heard a bad opinion of it. As much as as I liked playing the Ibanez, its not as versatile.

Thanks guys
I saw $700 for a VM Squier and threw up in my mouth a little bit.

You really can't go wrong with the VM, but the Ibanez is no slouch either, since it's active. The pickup config is not for everyone - it nails metal, but might be a bit too "much" for the jazz crowd.

BTW, I can't figure out how the Jazz is more versatile than the Ibanez.
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Yeh Prices in Australia are nuts. i paid $1100 for my highway 1 and thts was with $400 off.
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I say the Ibanez. Sounds like you REALLY preferred the sound of it to the Squier, and it is a good instrument. The active electronics are a plus, and it should be able to do a decent enough jazz tone, especially if you EQ and play right.
After more extensive time spent with both basses along with some advice from a local bassist, I think I'm gonna go with the SRX.

He mentioned I can pay an extra $150~ and go the next one up, SRX590.

Is there any major difference between the 350 and the 590. Obviously there are some, but I need to justify the extra cost.

Once again, any help is greatly appreciated
Honestly I don't know how they can justify these prices with the AUD these days (grrr at payin 1k for a MIM fender)

You should get the Ibanez, just down the road theres a music shop having a sale, went down there and played the highest model SRX (i think) the SRX 700 (HALF PRICE at 800 AUD ) and haven't played a bass with that much tonal capacity and versatility in a long time. In regards to the comparison of the SRX 350 and the 590 its all up to you, the 590 comes with a better bridge and is made from basswood with a maple top also comes wid elixir strings, the 350 is made from ash and comes with D' Addario strings....question is are you willing to fork out 150 more for a different finish and a better bridge?
Looking at the Ibanez website it seems the main difference is a stronger bridge (well larger) ,3pc neck and a flamed maple top. its up to you if you want to spend the extra cash.

That the differences between the 390 and 590 i couldn't find the 350 you talked about.
Now, a question of etiquette - as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch?
Go with the ibanez, if you need it to sound more like the jazz, just roll off the tone knob a bit. I have a ibanez, and it can do pretty much whatever I need it to.