are these pesals any good?

i have no effects at all after i gave my borrowed gt-8, and was looking for some effects to use my self.

so are these any good i have seen a few on ebay for a decent price and was thinking about going for one as long as they were a decent enuff pedal.

thanks for any answers that i get, i am also open to anything that you think is a better pedal.

i play mostly hard rock and metal, and dnt ask about the amp coz its an mg and i only use it for practice
I have one, and it works just fine for me. You just have to fiddle with your set up to get a good tone, but once you find it, it's amazing.
so what would you say it is worth used, i think they are arround 30 or 40 pound new so i was thinking going to a limit of 15???

would it be worth going for it?
Sure, it's a fair distortion box for the price. Even better if you get someone like Keeley to mod it for you.
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thanks guys im gonna go and put a bit in on it i dnt think ill go for anything more than £15 because there not that much new...and im sure that there are better ones out there as well