So this is the deal:

600 euros (about $930) for a Ibanez LP custom Black Beauty.
For that prize it's got these features:
- made in '73
- Gibson (lawsuit) headstock
- EMG 81/85 set mounted in (Zakk Wylde set)
- original pickups (not installed)
- A hardcase
- a bolt-on neck

If you ask me, and from what I've heard, the bolt-on neck is kind of a minus. Does it make a huge difference?
I'm not that into Ibanez Lawsuit LPs, searched the forums and found some good and some bad words about them.

I play mostly Rock, Hard Rock and Metal.. Bands like: GnR, Metallica, Pantera, Foo Fighters, RHCP, some Hendrix stuff and also some earlier rock stuff.

So my questions are:
Is there anyone who knows more about them?
Is the price ok for what I get?
How does it compare to Gibson Les Pauls?

I had one years ago and it was fine... but only fine... it is NO gibson, but then I personally dont think theres anything out there that really compares to a gibson, as they are more than the sum of their parts - sure theres a lot of good copies out there, made well, that play well, and sound good - but they dont quite sound, play or feel like a gibson .... in my opinion, if you want a les paul, buy a gibson.

for a similar price you could have all sorts... like this:


or this (whic is one of my alltime fave les paul styles - yes i prefer this to the custom in the same colour)



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These guitars got Ibanez sued by Gibson but I would never pay that kind of money for them. A famous pawn shop in the Ottawa market area years ago (forget name) had them hanging from the ceiling as he had many for sale (over 30 I'd say). While they were a nice knock off looks and feel wise beware!!!!! The bodies are made of plywood not tone woods and were menat to be cheap copies, they just turned out looking good! Gibson sued for patent infringement based on looks not specs. Those guitars back in the mid 70's were going for around $200.00 cdn.
Moving on.....
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