Hey guys

I have a music performance for school in 3 weeks

However we as a group have too do 2 'contrasting' peices

We are currently doing "Stockholm Syndrome - Muse" and we need one more song

Any ideas pit?

But we supposed to do stuff that is playable but a person who's been playing their instrument for 3 years, so no freakin STEVE VAI or anything, cause im mean avro at guitar
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Same! Well mine is in something like 8 weeks but whatever. I think a good contrast to Muse would be something acoustic, slow and other stuff depending on what instruments your group is using. What have you got to work with?
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A bassist, whos pretty swell

A drummer, who wont shut the F*** up

And a singer, who's decent but not the best (Guy, tenor, sings in a choir )
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You should do unintended by muse. Two muse songs equals double awesome. And if the guys voice is really good it would be a beast!
Sounds like a familiar situation lol
Alright, with that I think some Funk or Reggae would work best. Completely different from Muse, skillful but not too hard, and theres a lot to choose from. However, I don't know a great deal about either genre; you're gonna have to ask someone else about what songs specifically. IMO.
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Yeah, we though some jazz

But were like, wtf, I dont know any jazz songs

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Lol, its NCEA, you'll pass in your sleep.
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Lol, its NCEA, you'll pass in your sleep.

Yeah, but excellences are hard to get. I think.
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Ahhh i remember my performances

I did:
5th form:
- "Oye Como Va" by Santana (which i recommend you do as it's very good and is contrasting); i got a high merit.
- "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead, merit.
And at the end of the year i did "Day At the Beach" by Joe Satriani, which got me an excellence because i did it flawlessly, with a bit of flair, and a bit faster than the original. It's also completely tapping which really impresses the teacher. And because it was so mean i only had to do one

6th form:
- "In a Sentimental Mood" by Duke Ellington, a really nice jazz piece. Short, technique rich, got me a merit.
- "5th Caprice in A minor" by Nicolo Paganini, i obviously slowed it down quite a bit, and cut out some of the middle, but if i didn't break my wrist earlier that year it would have been crisp enough for an excellence, but i got a merit.
End of year:
- "Far Beyond the Sun" by Yngwie J. Malmsteen, 'nuff said (i did cut out massive chunks obviously and slowed it down to make sure i didn't make any mistakes, but it was still rockin' )
And my favourite one: "El Testament d'Amelia (Amelia's Will)" by Miguel Llobet. This piece is one of my favourites of all time.

My advice:
- Led Zeppelin. Seriously. That would kick serious ass. Do Whole Lotta Love (cut down the drum solo shorter if your drummer's not up to it) and record it for us to see.
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