I'm into hardcore and punk but also loads of post-rock and post-hardcore, that kind of thing. I'm fairly open-minded when it comes to style as long as it has guts and conviction. Being a Coldplay tribute is out of the question, basically.

However unlikely it is that anyone here even lives near me, let alone has any interest, give me a PM if you want to talk.

I live in Torbay, 20 miles south of Exeter.
I know it's very unlikely but I also live in the SW, close to Ashburton, which is not that far from Torbay.

I'm quite openminded and currently I am into (prog) metal bands such as Tool, Dream Theater and Metallica but as long as music has potential "guts and conviction" then I am all up for anything.

You forgot to mention how you would contribute to a band in terms of instrument choice(s). I have been playing the guitar for a year, I'm getting reasonably good and I'm 16 years old. You ?
I've been playing guitar self-taught on and off for 5 years, I was 22 a couple of weeks ago. Ability wise I'm definitely not bad, but I've never concentrated on theory.

Ever written anything?
Hey im a guitarist in the SW! I live in Bishopsteignton between teignmouth and newton abbot. However, this is mainly aimed at Snugg, i play mainly prog and shreddy stuff. But yeah, if u need a metal guitarist for something like protest the hero/dillinger escape plan type stuff im more than willing. Ive been playing solidly for about 3 1/2 (maybe 4? i cant remember when i started XD) years and im pretty advanced. im self taught, technique and theory both good, and write LOADS.