Essentially, i couldnt find a place for this topic, but an admin got all whiney on me for putting it in the pit. That nosta... nevermind. Anyways, im looking for a guitar recording software for a begginner to intermediate guitarists. I like simplicity, but some gadgets that allow voice recording that you can stream over the guitar recording would be cool. I also liked the idea i saw in "Progression", with multiple drum patterns that can be again, streamed in the background. My main requirements are:
-Somewhat cheap
-Voice record and streaming
-Drum templates and streaming
-Begginner-Intermediate friendly

I'd appriciate some help here from an advanced guitarist.
dude im not a pro but i think RiffWorks is a good recording software ive heard.
Thanks for the detailed answers guys. -.-

But if anything ive got an idea of what i might get then.
Oh and for riffworks, do i have to own a PODxt, Toneport, or a guitarport? Along with the software i need one of those three for the actual recording. Right?
Adobe audition is reallyyyyyyyy easy to use and has some decent effects. I really like Sonar LE and it's also pretty easy to figure out, a little harder to use than Adobe until you get the hang of it but so much better in the end. I would recommend either of those and some freeware plug ins.
You know what your talking about. Hahah. Thanks, i can use all the simplicity i can get right now. Me <-- Noob.
Quote by scallaway721
You know what your talking about. Hahah. Thanks, i can use all the simplicity i can get right now. Me <-- Noob.

Haha yeah you can start on Sonar easy enough. It'll be better in the end too. Adobe is okay though definitely really really really easy to use.
Yeah, and what about the actual hardware. Whats the deal w/ all those buttions and twisties? :]
Adobe Audition may be good to get into a learning stage but it won't help you in the future... With software you shouldn't look for the level of simplicity because you will always be able to learn (with time) all the functions of great software...

I run Logic Pro and am becoming a bit frustrated with it..
I have run Pro Tools, Sonar, Adobe Audition and Logic Pro and I would say pick Logic if you have a mac or Pro Tools if you have a digidesign or M-audio product.

Good luck - but it takes a long time to get good and I know that stinks but don't expect perfection when you first start.
what is pro tools, and where can i buy it?
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Pro Tools is recording software... and yes you can buy it - I would really do some research before coming to this forum.

You need compatible hardware in order to run the program (Digidesign or M-Audio for select versions of Pro Tools..)

Consider your budget and then make a choice wisely.
Really great programs professionals use: Sonar 7 Producer Edition, and Pro Tools.
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