What do you guys think of these pedals, and there are like 3 different ones that have chorus, what are the differences?
I've got the Danelectro Flanger. I really like mine. It's fully adjustable (speed, regeneration and width) and with a useful stomp button. The effect is nice and smooth. I prefer flanger to chorus, I presume the other one you mean could be wah? But yeh, it's a good pedal.
i have the Danelectro FAB Chorus, it has speed, depth and mix controls.
i love the pedal, and it was only a few quid!
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I've got the Milkshake Chrous, it's pretty nice, especially for the money.
The FAB Chorus is their least expensive one, and great to play around with and get an idea of some of the things you can do with a chorus pedal. They're not exactly the best in terms of build quality or sound quality, but they have a character of their own and are super cheap to boot. I would only use it for home use/recording, as they're not exactly built to take a beating.

The Milkshake is a little more expensive, but still very inexpensive in comparison with other chorus pedals. I think the tone is a little better with the Milkshake, and there seems to be a bit more variety in the tones you can get. It's also a very small pedal, and still made of a hard plastic. Although I would definitely say it's better built than the FAB pedal, I still would be hesitant to use it in a gig situation simply because of the build material. Definitey a step up from the FAB in terms of quality.

The Cool Cat (which I own) is a great pedal. Again, a little more expensive than the Milkshake, but you can definitely hear and see a difference. Very wide range of tones from very subtle to a very leslie speaker like spin. This pedal is also built like a tank. A fairly large, heavy, metal casing, quiet footswitch, and not overly or under sensitive controls. This thing can knock out a cow and still function fine. Personally, I love this chorus pedal, but I do have a few gripes about it. The control knobs are fairly smallish, possibly making it difficult for people with large hands. Also it takes either two 9volt batteries, or an 18volt adapter (which I seem to have trouble finding). Although a little more difficult to locate, an 18volt adapter is definitely a must, as this thing will drink batteries like nothing else I've seen. Also, these pedals seem to be getting harder to find, and I rarely ever see one at a store. Best bet is to look for one on ebay. I acquired mine used at a local store by sheer luck.

Hope that helps!
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