Just out of complete curiosity, what are the primary differences between the Gibson Les Paul Standard and the Studio, both visually and technically; I find the website a tad misguiding...
The Studio is supposed be a Les Paul minus the extra "frills" a player really doesn't need. The neck profile is different on the Studio I believe (chunkier). Binding is missing and maple top is less figured. Don't know about pickups.
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Pickups are pretty much the same although it may depend on production year.
The Studio Custom models from the 80's were top of the line and very collectible but times have changed.
Have a look on wikipedia for more info =)
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The Standard has Burstbucker Pro pick-ups. The Studio has 490R and 498T pick-ups.

Some people claim that the Gibson has substandard quality control over the Studio thereby resulting in a number of Studios on the market to be less than high quality. But whenever I've asked these people how they know this, I just get a song and dance. I've yet to meet an actual Studio owner say that the guitar is anything less than totally awesome.
I used an $1800.00 Studio to test out my little Traynor practice amp (DG15R) at Long & McQuade one day. It played nice, sounded nice and had a highly figured top but the finish had flaws unfortunately. I couldn't say if this was typical but a very reputable guitar tech in town has seen similar issues with Gibsons.
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