I cut the original down to make it more interesting (there's alot of repeats in the original).

This took me 3hr to learn and record. I would have done a better job but my injured myself during the session.

After I had finished the last drop d metal riffs I realized I couldn't move my left index finger very well. Turns out the fleshy stuff between the first and second knuckle was nearly swollen to twice the size of my middle finger (not a full double but close enough!). Anyway I got an appointment with local doc, and he said I may have damaged the tendon or slightly ripped the muscle in my finger.

Anyway, I finished mixxing all the tracks together this morning, and I realized that the acoustic breakdown sucks without the voices. So I did my own THREE finger overlay solo (after two ibuprofens).


Sounds very nice, you should work on your timing though (not only in this song but also a few others on your profile). A little more practice should do .
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good, but like the other guy said....work on your timing.
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Hey thanks for the advice. I'll try to pay more attention when I record the next song. It's just that I have to do these one track at a time.

Put the cd in. Play with it, repeat the song, play the next guitar, repeat song, play the next guitar....
the main riff sounds brilliant, not too sure about the break though, sounds out
Sounds out?

I recorded myself playing it once. Then mixxed that to the left channel and added a chorus filter. After that I played it again and left it clean. Then mixxed it to the right channel. Then added the improv solo to the right channel as well.

I guess the chorus could have thrown the timing off with all that reverb and stuff

Next Song's Objective: Timing