Dj here,

This is my 6 guitar rendition of Metallica's Enter Sandman.
It starts off with two clean electric guitars. I have another one playing the clean chords, and a nice a electric fading in on the bass e note.
Then it's taken over by two electric guitars playing the main riff. The guitar on the right has added pinch harmonics to make it sound more interesting
The song soon breaks off as I skipped right to the solo using a homer simpson segway.
I have two guitars playing both channels as the solo comes in to fill center. At the end I used the wah pedal and a lower pinch harmonic to hit the higher e octave as in the intro.
As soon as it finishes I move into my own kind of ending. Your just going to have to listen to it

very nice! pretty cool - although the recording overloads the speakers a bit I think

Yeah, It's a learning experience. I've been using NeroWaveEditor to do the recording and WINDOWS SOUND RECORDER to do the mixing, LOL.

I've just upgraded to using Audacity to do my mixing. (Tenacious D - The Metal)
Sweet stuff!
Yours sincerely,

bobwentpop, UG's favourite spontaneous combustion victim.
the wah part in the beginning sounded like guitar pro..you sure you used a wah?