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I would like to discuss oi polloi. If you would like to discuss Oi Polloi, please discuss them here. If there is already an Oi Polloi thread, searchbar does not function correctly.
two and a half men.
There is no Oi Polloi thread.........

.......Oi Polloi are ****ing awesome 1 1/2 month ago I was on one of their concerts, it was the best concert I visited for a long time, their singer talked to me in german and sold me Total Resistance to the ****ing system.........when you get the chance to see them then take it
yo i just got the 'Fuim Catha' (sp) LP a couple weeks ago. Totally love the A side, B is really good too. The fun-ness of some of the songs (Burn the Rich, GLF) is wonderful.
They're awesome... does anyone have the split with NIKMAT OLALIM? I'll trade you something cool for it.
Quote by RiotRiotUpstart
I saw a guy with Oi Polloi painted onto his leather jacket once. I thought that was funny.

probaly 2nd hand

(or just funny.)
That's kind of ironic. If I'm thinking about this in the way you are.

And i <3 them, but they dislike communists, so I feel dirty sometimes when enjoying their music.
ok.....then we bring up this again......

I could recite my first comment here, as Isaw them again, like half a year ago (yes steve I already mentioned that). Though their concert was beaten by the Subhumans. Did I mention I´ll see the Subhumans in Amsterdam on Friday?