Alright, i know that this might be a little subjective matter but still just wanted to put up this question up here...

I have been playing guitar for just an year and feel that i have made a significant progress. But according to you guys, after how much time do u think people normally join a band or be good enough to be able to play in a band and compose their originals...
Myself and my brother have only been playing our respective instruments for a short period of time. Him, on drums, a year. Myself on guitar only four months. However, we are both in a band and it's a very rewarding experience. I thought at first that I wouldn't do that until a lot later, in order to not embarrass myself. But being in a band can teach you things you would never learn on your own. And you're able to make cool sounding music without having it being technically very difficult. After a year of playing, I'd say go for it, you'll learn some guitar stuff you could have never done on your own, and you're gonna have a great time.
depends on the skill levels of yoru bandmates


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you're good enough when you think you're good enough. also ask the band in question and see if you can play their stuff or the covers that they do. bands are very different. (you might feel comfy in a pop punk band, but there is no way for example that you will get into a technical death metal band - unless you're jesus in guitar terms)
tbh i think it depends on what you want to do with the band

i've got very little guitar experience but i can do enough to jam with my bassist friend (a lot mor experience) and create some alright sounding songs...but the thing is i don't want to rli hav it as a carreer its just fun and it improves my playing

so yh...well i guess i didnt rli answer ure question lol
When you think you're ready imo, and it depends about the skill of the other bandmembers.
I formed a band after...less than 1 year of playing guitar.
my brother had like 4 months of experience on bass...
our drummer like half year and our singer none.
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i joined my band when all i new were basic chords, a couple of barre chords and a few oasis solo's. i was ****. but since then ive improved loads cus it made sure i practiced more, i even took up lessons. Now i write all the bands songs, which are **** hot IMHO

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you're good enough when you feel comfortable playin in front of other or with others...for me it took me awhile, but being in a band will make you get much better cause youre forced not to screw up and you have to play in time
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and yeah...in band you learn more cause you are forced to play in time and without the original record to cover your screw ups.
1. You're surfing the internet.
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Joining a band , especially if the other members are better than you, can be extremely good for your playing. I highly recommend you find a band, even if you only have jam sessions with them, and don't gig. You will find that with other musicians around you will progress no end, no matter how much progress you have already made. Also, when in a band, try and spend equal time listening to what is going on and playing - part of being a musician, not just a guy who can play guitar is the ability to hear what is going on. Listening to musicians is a huge part of being a musician.
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For example, when you join a band it really depends on the skills of your band mates. For example in my case we began playing with a drummer that didn't knew anything and he learned with us. After a couple of years we both went to another group with more experienced musicians and he is pretty good.

So you have two examples, the musician that played a year or so and the newbie. We where patient and now our drummer is really good so it really depends on how you play. We are currently one of the top rated groups in our city and I think that the chemistry between the bass-drum-guitar is because we played together so much and have a greater understand of one and other.
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