Ok, I might get a jackson now, just one last question is the dean razorback explosion not as good as the jacksons and ibanez's in that price range? if it isnt i will exchange the left version for the right version, if not
what is the guitar you suggest for me?
Ive heard about ESP jackson and ibanez,
i want a 500-1200$ guitar so what is best? i want: style, best sound, a good tremolo bar, most of all i want to play some killer guitar!
please help me find the right guitar if it's not the dean razorback.
Which Jackson? In that price range you're probably getting a Soloist, in which case yes, it's MUCH better than the Razorback.
ibanez s series with the whammy
the esp guitars are right now, the top of the line metal guitar
everyone else is gonna suggest jackson cause its ug, and they're not bad guitars, but imo esp>the rest
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ESP horizon used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackson SL3 (japanese soloist)

PS: how many topics are you planning to make?
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We'll have to wait for his store to make an error, and he'll hate Jackson's for the rest of eternity, and turn to Ibanez.
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jackson ftw.
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A used ESP Horizon, M-2, or Eclipse should beat out a Jackson. I've played Jackson's and ESPs (and I own an ESP so I am biased) but IMO, the ESP's just sound better to the Jackson's in that price-range. Play-wise it's very close, but I'd still give the edge to ESP's...