my strings are kinda getting black and rough
and i changed it like a month ago (i don't even do that much live gigs)

my friend tells me that i should try cleaning the strings instead of changing them everytime they get dirty

is there a specific guitar string cleaner? or what should i use?
any product u guys recommend?

thanks in advance
You have acidic sweat! A friend on mine years ago suffered from a similar problem. Once the strings have been allowed to corrode and turn black there's little that can be done as cleaning them won't bring them back totally. If you have a ebony or rosewood fingerboard you'll eventually develop a rather unpleasant build up (mung) on it as well. The best way to avoid the buildup on your strings & fingerboard is to wipe your strings down after each session. I would also wipe down the whole guitar paying attention to the hardware as it will also corrode over time if the sweat is left on it after playing. The KIWI brand shoe polishing clothes are very cheap and make excellent wipes for this. Flannel or cotton will also do.
Moving on.....
buy the dunlop string cleaner. dont buy cleaner cloths. they disintegrate. fingerease is also good. put in on and wipe the strings down. i get the same black stuff problem after a while. that stuff stains!!! i use dunlop cleaner to get rid of the stuff and fingerease to make it shinier and lubricated.
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Quote by deanexplosion99
yeah there is a string cleaner, http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/GHS-FastFret-String-Cleaner?sku=420451
cheap and its very important to keep your strings clean.


FastFret brings strings back from the dead. I use it all the time on all my guitars - my strings don't disintegrate as fast as yours, TS, but I once used the stuff to restore some old strings when I first bought my Cort. They were originally rusty and very rough. A pass of fastFret later, and it felt like they'd been on a week.
Get a pot of FastFret, it cleans your strings, your fretboard, polishes your headstock and can be used to clean metal parts. Very useful stuff.

Edit: also consider stainless steel strings - I use them on my Ibanez, and after 3 months, they still feel like they're only a few days old. They last longer, cannot corrode and have a nice bright sound to them.

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You actually don't necessarily need string cleaner(though its mighty helpful)

What I do it take a very soft cleaning cloth and I pinch each string and go up and down the string. The cloth takes off so much dirt. I make sure to do it after every time I play. I also use ernie ball string cleaning wipes every now and then.

all that cleaning + fingerease makes strings last soooooo long and they feel awesome.