I have a friend who wants help with banjo..what is the normal or most common tuning and how easy is it to learn if you are a guitarist of 15 years experience!
They're most commonly tuned to G (GDGBD) and the banjo players I know have said that it's much easier to go from banjo to guitar than the opposite.
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The most common tuning for the five string banjo is an open G tuning: gCGBD. You can tune it to almost any key though, or just use a capo and tune the fifth string accordingly.

It's not too hard to learn, especially if you have experience from fingerpicking and classical, although the banjo right hand techniques haven't much in common with them.
I've been playing the banjo every now and then when visiting my parents, check out "Cripple Creek" in my profile.

Just get a learning book.
From what I've seen of my dad, it'll make him a sick fingerpicker on guitar should he switch back.

Playing guitar will help only in the sense that you already have the basic concept down - change the length of a vibrating string by pressing with the fingers.
cool well im past grade 8 classical and flamenco so shouldnt be too hard. do you get electric banjos? that would rule
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