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I'm updgrading my home studio from an old mac w/ GarageBand to a new MacBook w/ Apple Logic Express 8. Not only am I upgrading my recording software but I'm moving from a Direct Box to a Motu Ultra-Lite. Now the question is what Mic's? I'm using an SM57 & SM58 which are nice but not quite up to what I would like for a good recording at the home studio. I'm looking for two more mic's or one that could do it all. I'll be recording Acoustic Guitar / Female Vox / Male Vox. I'm looking to spend 500-800$ on Microphones. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

My Gear:
Guitars: Vintage LP, Martin DX-1, Epi Viola Bass,
Amps: Marshall JMD501
Effects: Empty Set right now
the Rode NT1 is a great condenser mic for it's price, you could get a pair of those on your budget, they're fantastic for vocals as well for acoustic guitar.
no dice.
Rode NT2000 or the K2 (used). Those can do what you want so ridiculously well. The K2 adds a bit of warmth. Another good microphone that has consistently great reviews is the M Audio Sputnik.
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