It's nothing I haven't heard before, but there's nothing wrong with that either.

It was catchy and memorable, I really enjoyed the intro and it's solo. Your use of the lead guitar is very nice, especially during the chorus.

I feel that the only places that could use improvement are the bass and drums. They aren't bad by any means, but I think they could use a little more independence from the guitar.

Solid work.
The intro solo with the classical is awesome. I always love to hear solos on classical guitar.

The pre verse is ok; I dont like the run though. It'd get some speed going... then the little run would kill it. The verse is great though. The chorus is pretty good; same as the intro, it's just... it doesnt seem like a chorus.

The solo is awesome, nice job there. Overall, pretty good. Needs some work on the chorus i think, but otherwise pretty solid.
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quite good in overall, although the drums where a bit too loud at times.

the chorus sounds like something maiden would have done, if you'd only made the galloping bass of Steve Harris (you know),but it's good as it is, maybe a bit boring bass, could need some spicing

i liked the solo and the rest of the song quite well...
and the fadeout was quite good too...

sorry if i'm not the best to crit but would you have a look at my song? it's in my sig

You like it
Im really sorry guys, but my sound is down right now, so I cant crit you till I fix it.

Ill do it ASAP though.
well after the intro (witch i though was brilliant btw) nothing really caught my attention un till the pre chorus and then the chorus blew me away. those chords are amazing. you need to record this song. it was quite major scale through most of the song. i supose that not a bad thing but i would have made it abit darker. 8/10 good stuff.