hey where would it be a good place to start learning scales theory???

also, what things should I learn first????

Theory sticky. Start with the major scale, you need to understand that before you can understand everything else.
Learn the Major Scale and how you can harmonize it to get chords progression.
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And even before that, learn the notes on the fretboard.
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Already know the major scale, the pentatonic scale, the natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales.

Already know the notes on the fretboard and know how to harmonize scales.

Already know tons about chords theory.

I started looking at the theory sticky a few minutes ago and I finally understood musical modes!!!!! thanx guys......

keep helping me out plz
I suggest the following order:

Minor Pentatonic/Blues (Main Position, fret 5-8 for Am)
Major Scale
Natural Minor Scale
Modes of the Major scale
Other positions of the pentatonic scale
Harmonic Minor and its modes
Melodic Minor and its modes
Pentatonic Modes
Exotic Pentatonic Scales
Eastern and Indian Scales

The order of the first three is very important. First, you arm yourself with the blues scale and therefore, 47420839 great rock licks. After you have some cool stuff to play for your friends, you can move to theory and the major scale. After you get the major scale, then the minor scale. The remaining stuff you can learn at the same time as it is all related.

Use the theory link in my sig and the MT FAQ.