Okay, I'm looking record mainly medium quality electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, piano, MIDI keyboard, and vocals. Possibly drums in the future. I'm buying a Macbook with Logic Express, which is going to come out to about 1300 dollars. For the recording equipment I don't want to surpass 500 dollars. For the most part I want something that falls around 450 dollars. I want to get an Audio Interface that will allow me to record 2 or more microphones, 2 or more instruments/line-in (doesn't have to be able to record line-in and mics at the same time), and MIDI into my Macbook. I want 2 microphones, one for instruments and one that works good on both instruments and vocals. I don't have any cables or stands except for one quarter inch instrument cable, so those are going to cost about 100 bucks.

So, past expenses, I have about 300-400 to spend on 2 microphones and an Audio Interface.

Besides that, can anyone tell me how MIDI works with the audio interfaces? I have a MIDI out on my piano, do I just connect that to the Audio Interface with a MIDI cable, and then record it in logic express?
MIDI is just a series of messages. Some interfaces will have MIDI I/O's, you just run a MIDI cable from there to your controller to send the messages into your computer.
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