As of now I have a Peavey Classic 30 head pushing a older Peavey 412 with g12k-100, and thinking about upgrading to a Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier. I have a nice guitar (62 fender jagaur resisue) that I traded for and don't like so I am thinking about trading it for a better/different amp (hopufuly will bring aroud 1000 USD). Plus I already have an awesome USA Telecaster that I have totally tricked out that I adore, and don't know why I ever thought I needed a different guitar. My first question is, can the Rectifer get a decent hard rock tone without sounding like a pure metal amp? I hate scooped mids and will probably put in EL-34's to give a more british bite. Also I change my tone a ton with my volume knob, can I go from a hard rock tone to classic light rock OD just by truning down my volume knob, or would I need to use a dist/OD pedal?

I know the C30 and the boogie are totaly different, and I will have to play around on the boogie to see if I like it, plus I was kinda thinking of runing both amps to my 412 cab, that would give the rectifier dist. with classic OD of the peavey, but its just a thougt. I really hate this all becasue I just bought the Classic 30 at Christmas and hate to get rid of so soon, but I feel like I can have better stuff if I get rid of a guitar I don't really like anyway. But I do love my C30 and it would make a great backup amp.
The rectifier is probably one of the more versatile amps out there. I have really only played the dual and triple, but I'm sure the only difference is headroom.

You can get any tone out of it, especially if you switch to EL34's.
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I going to the city tonight and will probably go to guitar center to try out the boogie. Also I looking into the Peavey JSX and the XXX, I can probably trade my guitar and C30 even over for ethier new xxx or JSX. The place I like to shops deals a lot with peavey, but not Mesa Boogie, so I'll probably be trying out those as well, I thought they would be nice since they have three channels and like all Peavey stuff I'm sure they are great values and tough as nails. Plus my LGS is pretty decent to trade with and I would not have to worry about guitar center ripping me off or have to acution all my stuff on ebay.
i'm a metal player, but the guy i bought my single recto off of was a pure rock (some poppy rock stuff too) player. very versatile. he had EL34's in them, i have 6l6's. but you can dial in any tone you want with either.
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Tried out both the Dual Rectifier and the JSX and must say that the Daul Rectifier>JSX in both versitility and tone. I was dumb founded at all the tones the Boogie is capable of, they are diffenetly not just for metal, I was in awe.... 3 fully EQable channels, Solo boost, raw, vintage and modern tones settings, the thing is awesome to say the least. Now the JSX on the other hand was a cool amp, the Crunch channle sounds a lot like my classic 30, and the ultra channel is very similar to the modern setting on the Rectifier, awesome amp as well but the Dual Rectifer has it beat IMO... BUT, I'm probably won't have the funds to go with even a used Dual Rectifier, I was going to go with the Single, so I think the JSX>Single Rectifer as far as versitility goes, but the Rectifer would still have an slight edge as far as tone. So right now its a toss up, but really think I would very happy with ethier a Dual rectifier or the JSX, the Single would be awesome too, but really need the extra channel, so I think I'll be looking for a great deal on a dual rectifer, or just end up with the JSX.
On a side note the boogie was a half stack, and the peavey was a open back combo, so the cab and speakers are giving the boogie an advantage, I would like to hear the JSX through a half stack and I beat that would defently make it better.
Try out a Stiletto Ace if you like high gain EL34 sound. They're really nice too, and can get really heavy.
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^ I did, it the highs/upper mids almost seemed untamable. Awesome raw gain though. I like the Dual Rectifer and the JSX better, thanks for your input though, and think I would like the Rectifier even more with EL-34s just to give it a little more mid cut, if you know what I mean.
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Thanks to every one for your input. This weekend I ended up geting a new amp, I got the Peavey XXX. I ended up going to my LGS to check out the XXX that I had seen there for a while but have never really played much. So I went in and gave it a try, it was a NOS 212 combo, I played on it for a while and asked the price, $1199, is what they where asking. So I asked my main man Tim what he could, explaining to him that the amp is no longer being produced and he said told me that he would make me a deal. He ended up taking 200 dollars off the amp, and after I trading my gear I didn't have to pay anything. I think its really is quite similar to the the JSX the biggest diference I saw was the crunch channel on the JSX is much lower gain and has a more of a vintage/modern Marshall type bite to it, (EL34's help there I'm sure) where as the XXX crunch is just a slightly lesser gained version of the ultra Channel. I ended up setting the gain on the crunch channel at around 9:00 and really found a midgain sound that I not only could live with but really liked. The Ultra channel is great I set the gain a 12:00 and forget it, it is definetly a high-gained monster. Also El-34s I think would really put this amp right where I want it to be. IMHO I think both the XXX and the JSX are just awesome amps, probably some of the most under rated amp around. I think they are great they are similar to a rectifier but still different enough that they have their own sound. I think I am going to be very happy with my new amp and even though its not a Mesa Boogie it definetly gets in the ball park and for sure hold its own. Plus for the price/deal I could not say no. Personally I don't think the messa boogie sound that much better, yes it has more of a Rectifer sound and is slightly more veristile but IMO the XXX/JSX is nearly as good and nearly as veristle. For the price/value/quality Peavey is hard to beat
Mesa DC series dammit! I should make an alliance or something on these; fender cleans, recto amount of gain, but with mark clarity, smoothness and punch, all for under a grand (that's if you get the 100 watt 2x12 combo)! Lower watt variations are cheaper too, and they're intense.