Hey guys umm im not gonna lie at heart im a guitar man ask me anything from fenders to gibsons and ill be able to anwser it for you.

However several years ago i picked up a bass and still love it today and now the time has come for me to buy a new bass amp beacause the cheapy combo i have now is unbarable

Idealy i would like a combo, not silly size wattage but big enough to get a good tone, my price bracket is probally £150 - £300. sorts of things i will be playing is mainly Classic rock and bits of metal the bass i have a a mexi jazz bass

thanks and would love to hear of your ideas
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Well, if you go to a decent storem you could get a Warwick Sweet 15 or an Ashdown MAG 300 for that price. Try both, see which gives a tone you prefer.
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I use an Acoustic AB50. only 50 watts though, you want, ideally, 200.
But it has real nice tone with single coils.
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