My calc teacher and my c++/web design teacher both wrote recommendation letters for me to use to get into college or get scholarships. They're both a little under a page long. So now I'm writing them letters to thank them for this, and I'm not sure what the proper length would be. Like a paragraph or something?
Say all you want to say, then stop?
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Say thanks, tell them you appreciate it, tell them they've been a lot of help, emphasize that they helped you get in (if you've been accepted), stuff like that. It's not necessary to be any longer than maybe 5 or 6 sentences. Just say what you want to say and be done with it.
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Say all you want to say, then stop?


If you try to make it longer you'll get repetitive and probably come off as a kiss-ass.
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Okay, thanks guys. I only have about 5-6 sentences worth of thoughts, so that's good.