Some of you may have seen my other thread about this, but its a toss up between this and an Epi LP.
What I want to make sure is that the Duncans on the schecter can handle a good blues and clean tone.

How much do Schecters like that actually sound like Les Pauls, cuz thats the tone I want more or less, but I like the playability of a Schecter better than the fat LP necks.

The reason I am asking is that it may be difficult for me to A/B the Schecter and the LP at the same time, due to available store stock.

It'll work fine, you may want to roll off the tone a little if you want a more les paulish tone as the JB is a pretty bright sounding pup.
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so much for "Fender for life" huh?
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had a schecter classic, very nice, good blues, creamy tones, neck a little off putting, sold it along with a few others, and bought a gibson lp standard.. schecter is pretty good for the money, les paul is unique in many ways, including the sound which cannot be replicated... all down to personal choice, and overall budget, for which the schecters are good value..!
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so much for "Fender for life" huh?

unfortunately yeah, although if I could have only one guitar on a desert island, it still would be a strat!

Thanks for the input gents, I am thinking of putting a concentric tone pot in one, to allow me to tone down each pickup separately, as thats the one extra thing this guitar is missing, 3 knobs.