Ok, so yesterday at band practice we decided to do a recording of one of our covers with a Sony Handycam. It's a dvd camcorder. Now, when I try to put it on Myspace it won't let me. I also cannot rip it to my computer. Any suggestions?
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it should have either a firewire or usb cable and connection.
Capture into a program such as Winfast PVR setup correctly and export as a supported file that youtube will take....more info on what file is supported under the help section of youtube.

also be aware that youtube now has a 10 minute time limit to go along with the 100mb file size limit...
I was not aware of this and now have to re-record my green screen video.
I thought you could bypass that 10 minute thing by making a directors account ?
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The video is recorded directly to a DVD. I've figured out how to rip it to my computer. The file is 1.7 gigs. Now I need to figure out how to make it 100mb.
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nope, its a new rule that I found last week. all accounts are time limited now.

Try encoding it to mpeg

There should be a way to run it out the firewire cable and directly into a computer without going into a DVD...but theres manuals for that.
Option 1:
Windows Movie Maker, should be installed by default on everything XP and above. It's free easy to use and will do exactly what you're asking. You can also capture directly into Windows Movie Maker from your camera. You can export video from here as any file type as long as the codec is installed on your computer.

Option 2:
Try Googling DVD Shrink or similar programs. DVD Shrink is free and you should be able to rip to any file type (while specifying file size limits) as long as the codec is installed on your computer.

Option 3:
If you have a copy of one of the Nero Premium versions (not the ones that come free with disk drives) you should have Nero Vision in there. It will also do what you're asking.

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