im using some MIDI in some recordings im doing at the moment (strings pianos e.t.c) and you can quiteclearly tell....that they are midis lol

is there anything i can do at the mixing stage to get them to sound realistic? like had reverbor chorus or something? (as you cn tell imnot a real good sound technican lol)

lol add some more reverb, change the EQ ... but MIDI doesn't mean the instrument - try getting a new sample bank... what your doing bascially is using some crappy sound back (through your keyboard?) -

So go look for great samples ... it starts to get expensive because you also need a sampler program...

Look at Bandstand by Native Instruments - with that in mind - those sound somewhat cheesy too...
thanks at the moment im using Guitar pro to generate my strings and pianos e.t.c

i'll add some reverb and change the EQ if cant find some decent samples
find a program that can support VST instruments and use studio instruments string ensemble very very good string synth or just use Fruity Loops some good pianos and decent strings
i use either Reason or the logic pro for my MIDI sounds. some of them are truly amazing. however this is an expensive route. its really hard to get a great piano sound through midi, when you look at overtones, pianos are one of the hardest instruments to replicate. you can get great midi sounds of some famous electric keyboards though. i use Wurlitzers and Fender Rhoades alot.
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