Apparently she went into cardiac arrest in her sleep and died last night. Me and my class graduate tomorrow, and we found out about this during rehearsal. It was very depressing to see the majority of my classmates crying today, and most likely tomorrow on what is supposed to be the happiest day of our lives.As I said I didn't know her, but I couldn't help but getting a little teary eyed when I heard the news. Just knowing that someone thats grown up along with you, and been through many of the same struggles as you had just suddenly dies at such a young age is horrible. One of my best friends was very good friends with her, and I have no idea how to help him. He's just a mess, and it breaks my heart to see such a strong guy like him in this condition when we're about to graduate. I just can't stop thinking about it. Has anyone been through something like this that could help me out? I want to enjoy my last day with my friends.
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That's horrible, man.
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A kid in my grade fell on his head during spring break and was ok but then a week later he got some sort of infection in his brain and went into a coma.He came out of it but he doesnt know anything now.He cant walk,talk,he doesn't remember anything.

He was an asshole before but I felt bad for him.No one should have to go through that.
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One of my friends comitted suicide in 11th grade. I knew him since our first day of school and never suspected he was depressive or anything, we were all pretty shaken up afterwards. So I think I have an idea of how you're feeling now. Just make sure to stick together with your classmates and not just sit home alone, it'll help you deal with the situation.
Even though you didn't know her, my condolences.
Very sad...

Enjoy life while you can, you never know when it's your turn to kick the bucket.
oh man.. that's really sad.. im speechless..
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Oh man, my condolences.
A friend of mine fell into coma, during a simple ear operation and he woke up about 1 year later, mentally and physically wrecked. That's so sad. He was such a good friend of mine and before the holidays he said we'll meet again in a few weeks and then such crap. That's so unfair... in 12th grade, right before the exams.
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like the exact same thing happened to a girl at my high school last year.

Like, exact.

She had a cardiac arrest in her sleep and died.

The day of her funeral was the day she was supposed to graduate.

One of my friends killed himself 2 years ago.

And so did a high schooler who everyone admired,

they both killed themselves in the same week.

Our community was practically in shock.

I was so upset.

He was my best guy friend.

Turns out he was bi-polar and was prescribed prozac to treat it. >|
No one knew, he seemed like such a happy and carefree kid.
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sorry to hear that... ive had alot of friends who died and i think the best way is to just spend tmie with your friends and keep them company make sure everyones doing ok... it will take time for people to start to get over it but just make sure they are all ok.......
I know how you feel.
My friend that sit with me and my other friends at lunch hit a coal truck head on and died of massive blood loss.
We were all really good friends.
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and only a few days away from graduating high school... sorry to hear that friend
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A girl in my year commited suicide a few years back...

sadly noone actually seemed to care, although a lot of people went to her funeral as an excuse to get out of class, it really was quite a pathetic experience.
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That's horrible man, I know how you feel. This year 2 people at my school died in seperate car accidents, one had graded early, so it wasn't as strong of an impact, but the other died on the way into town, and I have never seen so many people crying. It makes me sad, but at least I can say that of the 2 guys, I only remember having good conversations with them, and remembering how awesome people they were.
A kid in my grade died last year. He was just in 9th grade. He wrecked his dirtbike, I believe was crossing a highway and got hit. It was very sad.
Sorry to hear that mate. Good luck for you and everybody else in your class tomorrow too.
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like 3 people died at my school this year. $hit happens. take your mate to get wasted. everyone speaks their feelings when they're wasted. maybe after talking about it (even if he's drunk) he'll feel better.
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Someone from a school next to mine who everyone knew from hockey got crushed by a truck crossing a highway. Him and his shoe and hat were 75 feet from each other.

And my school's president is gay and got caught having sex with another guy by a teacher in his car in the school parking lot and everyone found out. He almost killed himself and I'm so happy he didn't because he actually is a really good role model and student.
just be there for them. don't offer advice..listen first and acknowledge their grief then think of a helpful, loving, way to help them. give them hope
same happened at my school, someone had something wrong with there brain, went into a coma, the next thing i knew when i got to school and lot of people were crying
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just be there for them. don't offer advice..listen first and acknowledge their grief then think of a helpful, loving, way to help them. give them hope

Listening is one of the best things you can do. My friends mom died this year. Wow that was fun.

If they're willing to talk about it/deal with their emotions healthily, that's the best.
“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”

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a sort of friend wrapped his car around a tree a week before graduation. he really good friends with one of my friends but even then i really only knew him in passing, and the circumstances of his death didn't particularly surprise me. He crashed the car going over 100 on a street with a 40mph speed limit, which he did often so.... anyway it wasn't to bad to get through that for me. He was someone i kinda knew who did something stupid which changes the circumstances a LOT more than your situation. Your friend's death seems like its both a bit closer to home. I just got through it. As for advice on dealing with your friend i would really reccomend giving them their space. A consoling word here or there is a huge help but your CAN overdo it. My friend whom i mentioned above at one point got really pissed at people who knew absolutely nothing about the kid who died giving him "consolation" and B.S. stories about how nice of a kid he was and anecdotes of the 5 minutes they spent together. Also, grieving people are more than welcome to be irrational at points too. My friend (same one) flipped out on some woman at McDonald's the next day for no reason other than "she got my order wrong." (note: she got the order right).

Its hard to give advice because i don't know you or your friends and how they deal with things. Some might be more receptive to being close and talking about (which is what a lot of people here seem to be recommending). I'm just speaking from my experience. Most of my friends channeled their emotions into anger and it was best to leave them alone for a few days and then they just popped right back into their old selves.
Dude that sucks so bad... I can only advise you to support your friend it's terrible when you see people you look up to in a mess...and it is so horrible to die at such a young age... I am really sorry, I can only imagine your pain..
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this kid i worked with was working on a car and it was lifted on a jack and the car fell on him and he went into a coma and ****. I didn't even like the kid but i signed the card that was circulating around work because that sucks to be in a state like that.
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What it sounds like to me is your saying a girl you never really new untill now has died and is gonna ruin your graduation. Well that suck for her family and all but so what? People die all the ****ing time, and in much terrible ways and much younger too.

this happens to everyone I think. It happened when i was in high school, buncha kids drove of a 40 foot cliff at a tire blow out on the way to school and one died. Only a few really new him but every one was in this let's mourn for the sake of mourning because it seems appropriate, even if they didn't know him. It's just stupid I think.

Of course you wanna be respectfull to the family and close friends of the person but get in a fit and acting like you knew the person just cuz they died is like the most disrespectful to me. Be honest, you wanna try and comfort em tell them you did'nt know he/she much but you are terribly sorry for their loss.
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I had a friend of mine die from brain cancer when we about 12.

When i went to the church there were people there who didn't even care. They just wanted their day off.

Still makes me angry to this day.
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Help me to live.

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A guy at my high school died earlier this year. His brother came home after school to find him dead in the Shower, his pancreas ruptured or something that morning while he was showering. I had only spoken to him once or twice, but he was an Extremely nice guy, and everyone loved him. someone wrote a poem for him and it was in our yearbook, damn near made me cry. We had boxes of Kraft dinner around his locker as a bit of a Memorial. he loved his Kraft dinner .

Im really sorry to hear about your friend though
Yeah. My senior year actually. In April a few months before we graduated, one of my older friends who was a well-liked and kind kid was arrested for selling heroin and hung himself in the cell at the police station because he was on messed up at the time and freaked out. Then a few months after we graduated, my old drummer's sister who was friends with almost everyone that knew her died after her boyfriend shot her up with heroin. It sucked.

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When i was in middle schoolers, there was some freshmen in high school that got into an accident. I knew them a little, but never was friends with them, but one of my best friends was best friends with one of them. They were twins, they were driving back home from somewhere, the girl driver and one of the guys had been drinking. No one was wearing seatbelts. Ejected them 200 ft through the windshield. The only one to survive was the only one drinking (one of the twins). He had to burry his 15-16 year old twin brother once he got out of the hospital. ****ty deal.

I've never had anyone really close to me die of unnatural and sudden causes, so i couldnt imagine the pain of it.
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remember the happy times with her, always remember her for the good moments and that she will always be there for you in your heart, mind and soul
Ahh this thread is too sad!

Yeah just hang out with your friend really...
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You could have least passed on your condolences instead of just laughing at a comment. Huh, well I guess that's what its like when you're an asshole.

Anyway, sorry for your loss, take care of your friends.
Two girls in my second year high school class died about 5 years back. They drowned in a nearby lake.

12 years old is no age to die at. It was strange knowing that those two girls I'd spoken to earlier that day had died only a couple of hours later.
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